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160 Sporting Kansas City Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

2153 KC Wizz Great chant Плейлист
2177 Carefree kc cauldron Плейлист
2269 Cauldron Anthem We drink the beer Плейлист
2680 No Other Club No matter the outcome we support one club and one club only Плейлист
2729 Vermes Army In Peter we trust Плейлист
6374 Who's Your Daddy? For the officials with tendencies of screwing us over. Sorry, not a full recording
6960 I Got a Love and It's Called Sporting I Got A Love And It's Called Sporting Плейлист
7173 Oh Besler Matt Besler Плейлист
9451 Dale Cavese Sporting Kansas South American inspired chant Плейлист
10192 Shots (Ed: Would be great to get an audio for this one!) Corners, Free Kicks, and Throw ins we don't care
  Premier League Betting
10251 Here We Go Sing At Kick Off
10752 Glory Glory A classic soccer song
10826 S-K-C Drum beat Плейлист
11263 Everywhere We Go Marching In
11350 Bring out Your Dead When an opponent is writhing on the ground in pain, we voice our opinion to let him know we don't give a sh*t!
  Premier League Betting


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