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178 Columbus Crew Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

6194 Super Frankie Hejduk For our glorious captain...
6393 Columbus Till I Die Through thick and thin... Плейлист
6697 Does Your Wife Know You're Here? Because she loved Columbus (To McBride)...
8217 Yo Si Le Voy Nordecke is diverse with La Turbina Amarilla
8350 Oh Guillermo John Rambo hair
11670 Robbie Rogers To the tune of the Gabby Agbonlahor song
12437 Toronto FC Since travelling is the only thing they do well
13156 We Hate Chicago Against DC United Плейлист
13178 F*ck off Toronto FC To the scum from the 51st state
13832 Horto Magiko Jump and clap and sing to victory
  Premier League Betting
13902 Massive Our self explanatory status as the most MASSIVE club
15737 You Are My Rogers Robbie Rogers
16273 We'll Be Coming Watch out here we come... Плейлист
16770 BMO Is Never Full Sung at Toronto
16793 Hejduk Bounce To the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
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